Pubic Hair Styles

How to shave your penis

Ever wondered how to shave your penis? If the answer is yes, then here is a guide to get you going. By the way, pubic shavers have become a better option for shaving your penis. However, if you still feel like doing it the hard way, continue with the guide below;

How to shave your penis

Trim down your pubic hair as short as you can and going with the grain in the surrounding areawith scissors or electric trimmer. Using an electric trimmer is perfect for this. Trim down the hairs on your testicles too. Just be very careful. Try to stretch out the part of your testicle bag that you are trimming with your fingers

If you are a hairy guy, keep in mind to balance things out by gradually trimming other parts of your body. That way, you won't look, well, ridiculous....

Run a nice hot bath and soak in it for at least ten minutes. You nead to get those pore holes wide open. Makes shaving a whole lot easier.

Once you are done bathing, pat your pubic area down with a clean dry towel, then rub a generous amount of moisturising shaveng lotion on your penis and testicles. Yes, I know, the feeling is nice.

Make sure you are using a decent razor and that it is clean. Add more shaving oil to the area you will be shaving.

We shall start with the testicles. With the thumb and index finger of the hand that you DON'T have the razor in, pull the testicle bag's skin in oppsite directions so that you can get a flat as possible surface to shave on. Always start shaving with the grain. When you are done shaving every area of your tesicles, repeat the process , but this time shaving against the grain. DO EACH SHAVE STROKE ONLY ONCE. (Saves you from burns and rashes)

Now we shall shave the part above your penis and below your tummy. Again, shave with the grain until the whole area is done, then shave against the grain afterwards. Remeber! One stroke with the grain and one stroke againts the grain. You can repeat the whole process again on your inner thighs and creases.

Now the penis. This only has to be done if you have a hairy penis. Try to keep it stretched by pulling your penis away from your body with the other hand. Lightly shave your penis going WITH the grain, then once you are done, do the same thing again going against the grain.ONE STROKE WITH THE GRAIN, ONE STROKE AGAINST THE GRAIN.

There, you did it!. Now rinse your whole shaved area with warm water till all the gunk and hair is cleaned off, then rinse again with cold water. Pat your shaved area dry with a DRY CLEAN TOWEL. Put some anticeptic cream on it to prevent any possible infections from arising, Pat dry again and sprinkle baby powder in the shaved area to keep it as dry as possible. Try wearing boxer shorts for the rest of the day to keep it as dry and aired out as possible. This will help against ingrown hairs and rashes.

You want to do this on a regular basis. This helps your pubic area to ajust to your razor. Don't be surprised if you still get burns and rashes. It is normal for first timers. After two weeks of shaving, your skin in that area should get well ajusted.

Now you know how to shave your penis! Yup, you're the man! Now go show him off to his admirers! Good luck and welcome to the world of male pubic hair shaving