Pubic Hair Styles

Pubic Hair Design

Pubic hair designs or pubic hair patterns? Either way, one thing is for sure, it has become an art of it's own. The types of patterns and designs that are out there are well, fun, naughty, entising....I could go on, but i think we all get the message :-).This is where the fun begins! You can do just about any design you like by using a trimmer and a personal shaver. A lot more maintenance required if you wish to keep your shape in tact. There is also the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs if not done properly. Most would agree how ever that your finnished work of art is always worth the risk ;-).

Here is a summery of some of the pubic hair designs you could use to spice up your life and your partner's life too: 

Main stream pubic hair design

pubic hair design - triangle       Landing Strip         Heart Shape    
    Triangle            Landing Strip        Heart Shape 

But Really, anything goes!!!!!!

pubic hair design- smily      Foot Print      Directions
Smily               Foot Print            Directions

What is a Smoothie?
Well ladies and gentleman, this is where it all comes off! OOOh la la! Now some people either love it or hate it. We will let you be the judge of that :-). Now this is not really a pubic hair design, but then again who cares right? The best way to approach the smoothie style is by waxing. Yes, it is extremely painful, but I think it beats the razor anytime, especially if you consider the maintenance that is involved in keeping it all off. Waxing can last for weeks, and when it grows back there is less chance of sking irritation. Your hair also does not feel so thick when it starts to grow back again. Oh, did I mention that it hurts like hell? :-)

The pubic hair design phenominam has definitely come a long way thanks to some of the great tools that have been developed to make our lives easier!

A Guide To Shaving Pubic Hair
Wether you are a female or male looking to shave your pubic hairs, reading this article will help you take the nessesary precuasions so that you can have a smooth and painless road to shaving your pubic hairs.

Ingrown Pubic Hair - 7 Basic and Essential Tips You Need to Know
#1 Treatment ingrown pubic hair especially along bikini line, using a hot compress against ingrown spots at least 10 minutes thrice daily for the purpose of soften the skin and improve the hair properly. This process is essential and shall not be missed.

Happy pubic hair design hunting!